Cargèse Summer School

Cosmology and Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Models

July 30 - August 11, 2007

Organisers: Jean ORLOFF, Géraldine SERVANT and Gérard SMADJA

Scientific Program

The Standard Model of particle physics and General relativity offer a theoretical framework explaining properties of matter and interactions from subnuclear scales to galactic sizes. However, observational data such as well-controlled measurements of the distribution of large scale structures and cosmic microwave anisotropies indicate that these theories need to be completed at larger energies and larger scales to resolve a number of puzzles: acceleration of the expansion of the universe, nature of the dark matter component of the Universe, origin of the matter-antimatter asymmetry, origin of the inflationary stage in the early Universe.

High energy theorists have been working on various extensions of the Standard Model like Supersymmetry, Grand Unified Theories, theories with extra dimensions. The next generation of particle physics experiments (LHC, neutrino superbeams, B factories...) and astroparticles/cosmology experiments (Auger, Planck, Snap, Lisa... ) will offer the possibility to test these theories and deepen our understanding of the fundamental laws. A very challenging era is awaiting us.

The aim of the school is two-fold:

1) To teach high energy physicists the basic concepts of cosmology so that they can easily identify the signatures of their theories in cosmological data.

2) Give cosmologists the necessary tools to analyse their results in terms of motivated theoretical models.

The school is therefore open to both high energy physicists and researchers in astroparticle physics and cosmology. Priority will be given to PhD students and young postdocs. Some more advanced scientists willing to improve their competences in this research area are also welcome.


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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes will be electronically published by Proceedings of Science and will be available by the end of September on this link.


Applications must reach the School before March 5, 2007 in order to be considered by the selection committee.

The application form is available here.

It should be sent by email to the secretary Catherine Pinty ( ) .

The full cost per participant, including housing and meals, will be between 650 and 1050 euros, depending on the type of accomodation.

A few grants will be available.

****Practical Details****

Cargese is a charming village located on the west coast of Corsica (France), 50 km north of Ajaccio. The Institut d' Etudes Scientifiques is located 2 km south of the village.

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Secretary: Catherine Pinty (LPC Clermont-Ferrand)

J. Orloff or G. Servant.